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A lot of customers that I have dealt with seem to select a stone simply because they love the color of it. While color is important , you should also factor in the up keep as well. Counter tops in my opinion should all be Granite.Granite is one of the hardest natural stones and densely compacted. Because of these 2 properties, Granite is extremely hard to stain provided if it has been sealed properly. While no sealer is acid proof, it is acid resistant and hard to etch. You can spill acids such as sodas and alcohol on them and you don't have to run to wipe them up. Leave those acids on over night and you can still etch granite. For everyday use, granite will serve you well and you will probably never have to have them Diamond ground. For indoor use , you can seal once every 3 years and you should be fine.Marble or Travertine, or Limestone on a counter top are soft materials and will acid stain/ etch very fast and only diamond sanding will get the etch out. You should probably plan on sealing once every 2 years.

Marble makes for some really beautiful counter tops , but it's down side is you don't want any acids, perfumes, soda, alcohol hitting it at all. If they do come in contact with it, immediately wipe it up. Remember sealers don't protect you from the acid family. Sealing minimizes water staining , mud, and grease stains only. So if you are really careful and can deal with the maintenance, marble is a much prettier stone than granite in my opinion. Note to tile layers. Stop installing Marble and Travertine in showers! Did you know with marble and travertine that after each shower you are supposed to squeegee the walls dry. No thanks is all I have to say to that.

Now as far as your floor is concerned, marble and travertine both look good. Make sure the tile layer lays them 100% level, otherwise if you ever need to diamond sand the floor it will be more expensive because the floor needs to be level. Visualize hills and valleys. If you sand over a hill and don't sand the valley with the same grit it won't look very good. Stay on top of your maintenance and you can probably avoid sanding entirely and just powder/paste polish the floor and then seal. Way cheaper route to go. Once every 2 years.
Limestone can be either matte finish or gloss. Matte finishes are cheaper and easier to maintain than gloss. Steam clean the floor every 2 years, seal and high speed crystalize after if you want a little more gloss.

Granite is rarely used on floors as it is not the first choice in slip resistance. If it needs diamond sanding it is difficult and not cheap due to the nature of the stone.
Finally if you want the least maintenance and very acid resistant , install Ceramic Tile. Every 2-3 years steam clean and seal the grout.
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