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As a fellow contractor with 17 years experience, I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin and Afterglow Floor Care for over 7 years.

I specialize in the industrial concrete coating, staining, sealing and polishing side of the industry. As I am not properly equipped for natural stone and marble care, Kevin has been my go to guy for this scope of work the entire duration our our business relationship. Our customer retention on shared recurring accounts has remained 100%. This can only be achieved by quality service through attention to detail.

His in depth knowledge of the process has convincingly won my respect, earned my business and continued support. A true professional.

Thank you Kevin!

Levi Smiley, Happy Customer

The owner Kevin was extremely helpful and professional .......I'm glad I used his services for my marble floors ...... I Definitely recommend afterglow floor care for your floors.

John C, Happy Customer

Kevin has for years done the carpets in our offices. We get a lot of ground in grease from the shop. His special high temp cleaning equipment always get it out. My house still has off white carpet going on 16 years old. My daughter and here friends have destroyed it and it really needs to be replaced. Not looking to spend the money this year and replace it, I asked Kevin to come to my house with the same equipment he uses in our office. The results were amazing. Not only did he get all the traffic dirt out, but the stains as well. I think after seeing the results, I can get another year out of it no problem. He is a nice guy and is fair with his pricing for the amount of hard work he did to make the job come out so well. I recommend him for carpet and can only imaging his work on stone and tile will be just as good.

Jeff Soucek, Happy Customer

I heard about Kevin from Afterglow Floor Care Services from a friend who previously had his carpets cleaned by Kevin, and told me that he had a good experience with their services. My friend is generally pretty picky about these kinds of these and doesn't make recommendations lightly, so I figured Afterglow would do a good job with my carpets, and I wasn’t disappointed. Kevin did an absolutely incredible job cleaning the carpets in my home, and will use him again and recommend him to all of my family and friends.

Kevin answered his phone the first time i called him, which was a huge plus in my book. Most of the time when I’ve called for service work I have to call ten people and leave messages, and nobody ever calls me back. I always end up going with the only person who bothers to call me back, who usually isn’t even the person I want to have the work done by. Kevin answered the first time, and was honest and upfront with me about the cost of his services and the procedures he used. He couldn’t give me an exact quote because I wasn’t sure about the exact square footage of the carpet area I needed cleaned, but he did the best he could with the information I gave him, and when he finished his final cost was within the range he provided for me.

The fact that Kevin didn’t try and bait and switch me or sell me any additional unnecessary services was also a huge plus. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve hired people for these kinds of things- plumbing, electrical work, home contracting, and carpet cleaning. There have been so many times in the past where I have hired people to come do service work at my house based on some made up price they gave me on the phone, and as soon as they stepped foot in the door they saw some perfectly normal problem that I was having and jacked up the price a few hundred dollars because of it. Kevin at Afterglow was completely fair with me. He gave me a standard, affordable price, and followed through with it. I really appreciated his integrity and honesty, and I’ll be using him again because of it.

Matthew Abbasard,