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We specialize in the restoration of marble, granite, stone, tile, and grout.

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Floor Maintenance

Providing professional floor cleaning, floor maintenance and floor polishing for all residential applications.

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Floor Maintenance

Providing professional floor cleaning, floor maintenance and floor polishing for all commercial & retail location applications.

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Floor Care Cleaning and Maintenance Services

At Afterglow Floor Care we specialize in providing our customers with professional, quality floor cleaning and maintenance along with its related services.
We have been in business for over a decade, and pride ourselves in our ability to transform and revitalize your homes, offices, and commercial buildings, returning them to the state of cleanliness and comfort that everyone craves. In addition to floor cleaning we provide a wide range of additional services, including vinyl and wood floor waxing, tile and grout steam cleaning, and carpet & upholstery cleaning. We also offer a full battery of stone refinishing and polishing services, including marble polishing, slate polishing, limestone polishing, and travertine polishing, as well as granite resurfacing..


Licensed & Insured

Afterglow Floor Care is licensed / bonded / insured and serves the Orange County area.

Kevin Mullin, owner of Afterglow Floor Care, provides his personal guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results of any floor cleaning service he provides for you.

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About Afterglow

Afterglow is owned and operated by Kevin Mullin who has 15+ years experience in floor restoration.

Afterglow Floor Care Services is a family owned business that provides professional floor cleaning and floor restoration service to the residents of Orange County Area.

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Afterglow Floor Care

We are fully licensed and insured, and serve the area of Orange County, as well as the residents of the greater Los Angeles County. To learn more about Afterglow Floor Care, including the floor cleaning and and floor care services we offer, please visit the About Us section of our website

Vinyl Floor Waxing

Our vinyl floor waxing process is equally effective for floors in homes, office buildings, commercial businesses, and industrial buildings. We begin with a process known as stripping, where we remove the outer layer of wax covering your floor. This layer creates a barrier between the floor and those walking on it, and because of that receives the most abuse as a result of the dust, dirt, and other organic material that is dragged and scraped along its surface as a result of heavy traffic.

This outer layer is removed, and then cleaned up and disposed of according to EPA standards. After your vinyl floor has been stripped, your Afterglow Floor Care Services professional will apply between 1 and 4 new layers of wax to your floor, then finish the process with sealing, making your floors sparkle and shine and continue to stay that way for an extended period of time. Our waxing methods are more fully explained in the Vinyl Floor Waxing section of our website.

Wood Floor Waxing

Wood floors make for a beautiful addition to any home, and add a sense of class and elegance that is unmatched by any other surfacing. But with the passing of time and continual use, they begin to dull and fade, requiring professional maintenance to restore them to their original charm.

Our floor care specialists are able to offer our clients hardwood floor buffing and waxing services. When waxing, we will remove the upper most layer of wax, clearing away all scrapes, stains, etches, and imperfections in the wood, then apply a fresh coat of wax to make your floors shine like new again.

We also provide hardwood floor buffing, which uses a gentle buffing pad and a pH solution appropriate for the grain and texture of your floor. Our cleaning pads are constantly changed and never reused, meaning your floors are always treated with the utmost care.

In addition to residential hardwood floor buffing and waxing, Afterglow Floor Care Services provides commercial and industrial wood floor buffing and waxing. For more information on the floor care services offered to our valued Orange customer, please visit the Hardwood Floor Waxing page

Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning

Tile is an optimal surfacing for bathrooms and kitchens because it not only comes in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles, but it is remarkably simple to maintain. Unfortunately the grout bonding the tiles together is notoriously difficult to keep clean with its porous cracks and gritty surface. If not professionally cleaned on a regular basis, grout tends to become a magnet for unwanted substances like dirt, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

In order to ensure your tile and grout is thoroughly clean, Afterglow Floor Care Services uses a mobile heating generator which can heat water to a staggering 750,000 BTUs, as compared to most generators which only reach 100,000 BTUS. This heating source is attached to a steam cleaner, which your floor care expert will use to go over your tile and grout surface with extreme heat, eliminating all germs and bacteria.

For a more in depth explanation of the floor cleaning process offered to our Orange customers, please check out our Tile and Grout Cleaning page.

Upholstery Cleaning

In addition to your flooring, your upholstery receives the most use of any surface or area in your home. Family members relax and spend time with each other on your couch, and rest their heads on its pillows. Everyone has a favorite easy chair that they look forward to sitting in after a long day at work. Because of these items heavy use and the nature of the materials they are made of, they tend to gather large amounts of dust and dirt, and can accumulate bacteria and germs.

In order to keep your favorite couches, chairs, and cushions clean, Afterglow Floor Care Services offers professional grade upholstery cleaning services. These areas are generally made of the same materials which make up your carpeting and rugs, so our upholstery cleaning process is very similar to our carpet cleaning process.

Your cleaning professional uses a thorough three phase method to remove all dirt, stains, bacteria, and odors from your belongings. We begin by doing a surface leveling cleaning, removing all dirt and debris sitting loosely on the couch cushions or surface of your chairs. Next is a more thorough deep cleaning, where all of the debris hidden deep in your upholstery is removed, as well as the bacteria and germs clinging stubbornly to the individual hairs of your sofa. We finish with a deodorizing spray, which kills germs at the source and provides a protective barrier between your belongings and any pathogens looking to make their home in them.

For a more thorough explanation of the the three-phase deep cleaning process we offer our Orange customers, please visit the Upholstery Cleaning section of our website.

Marble, Limestone, Slate, and Travertine Polishing

With our ten years of experience maintaining and revitalizing all types of residential and commercial stone products, Afterglow Floor Care Services has a unique appreciation and understanding of the very specific methods required to bring your various stone surfaces back to life. Whether you’re dealing with chips, crack, etching, or just in need of a good polish, we have the tools and experience necessary to get the job done correctly.

Even though marble is a very sturdy, hard stone, there are still a variety of issues that it can have. Marble counter tops are often used in the kitchen, and because of their heavy amount of use they can chip and etch. Cooking products like oils are often left on its surface too long without being cleaned up, and can seep into the pores causing discoloration and dulling. Marble cleaning agents sold in store often times ended up harming your surfaces with prolonged use. Marble walls in showers absorb shampoos and soap, and we often find them cleaned with traditional cleaning products which cause the surfaces to lose their luster. Regardless of the the location of the issue, Afterglow Carpet Cleaning Services is able to restore and revitalize your surfaces, making them look as bright and healthy as the day they were installed.

Limestone is used in many of the same areas of the home as marble, but unlike marble this sedimentary rock is found in a very wide range of densities, textures, and levels of rigidity. Because of its varying composition, it is important to have it professional cleaned and polished at least once a year.

In addition to limestone, slate comes in a varying degree of compositions and looks. Brazilian Slate, Vermont Slate, Chinese Slate, and Indian Slate, are some of the most common types found in homes, and we are prepared and experienced in dealing with all of these slate compositions. In addition to the origin of the stone, slate comes in two distinct settings, gauged or ungauged. Gauged slate has been cut into exact specifications, while ungauged slate is more organic and less honed. We offer slate polishing and restoration services, and have experience with all varieties of origin and both gauged and ungauged varieties.

Lastly, travertine is a common surface used in many areas of the home, and is distinctive in its look and appearance when compared to marble, limestone and slate. Because it is common to have unfilled travertine, which comes in its organic form without having the large pores in its surface artificially covered, it can often gather dirt and bacteria. Travertine can also become chipped in its unfilled areas, and require filling or repair.

If you’re interested in reading a more thorough description of our stone polishing services, please visit the Marble, Slate, Travertine, and Limestone Polishing section of our website.

Your Trusted Orange County Cleaning Service

In order to make sure all of our customers needs are taken care of, Afterglow Floor Cleaning offers the full spectrum of residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning and repair services. With our over ten years of experience in the industry, there isn’t and issue we haven’t seen or a problem we haven’t faced, and we are here to offer our knowledge and experience to you and your family. If you are a resident of the county of Orange or one of the surrounding cities in Los Angeles County, please visit our Request Service page today in order to make your appointment for carpet cleaning or one of our many other floor care services.